Make your bread better with Buddr.

Cashless transactions are evolving and becoming increasingly easier for you to send and receive money. Discover all the possabilities the Buddr app has to make your bread better.

You’ve earned 5.0% interest
on your balance to date.

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Buddr also offers merchants an easy way to transact with customers.

Earn up to 8.0% APR interest.

Enjoy no fees when you send or receive money and only pay for bank transfers. Or keep your funds in your Buddr wallet and earn interest on your balance.

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Payment from David Marcio

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Safer than cash payments.

In just a couple minutes your business can be ready to start taking digital payments. Reduce cash on hand and create a safer way of transacting with your customers.

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One tap transfers & payments.

Transferring money from your Buddr wallet to your bank account couldn’t be easier. With one tap you can transfer your funds directly to your bank account.

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